Facebook frames for business

Be it for a pool party, a coffee shop, a wedding or a conference, facebook frames are made for all the fun makers to share some fun with others. Whether you are a business or just an individual looking for fun stuff, get yourself an awesome Facebook frame. How it works: Follow our design guidelines & share…

One of our latest works — Samatvam

One of our latest work, a responsive website for Samatvam, one of the leading medical clinics headed by the experts of medical field Dr. Tejeswini Patil & Dr. Deepak Shivanna. The website is built with attractive features like appointment booking & online payment collection that makes patient management easier and time effective. Along with the…

Plug & Play Wedding Solutions

Getting your own Wedding website with such features can help you streamline and organize the process, making it a little less intimidating. Oh, and did we tell you, you can get your wedding website up and ready in just minutes & a monthly subscription of Rs.500 only!

Mobile Application & Website for Specialists, Professionals and Businesses

Are you a Business Owner / Self-Employed Professional looking for a smart tool to manage your business better? Here’s a solution for lawyers, chartered-accountants, self-employed specialists & businesses that will make your online presence stronger as well as help you manage your existing clients effectively. This solution comes to you in form of a customized…

Online Payment Collection for Lawyers with just a link

PayPoing is by far one of the fastest online payment platform that offers easy-to-use & convenient solutions for clients to pay their consultation fees using credit cards, debits cards, net-banking and mobile wallets.

Online payment collection for Doctors with just a link

PayPoing will provide you a unique payment link. All you need to do is share the link with your patients via sms, whatsapp or any other communication app that connects you with them. The patients can visit the link and make the payment via their preferred mode of payment. Eg: Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Wallets and other methods.

Easy Online Payment Collection for Professionals with just a link

Any amount, big or small, payments can now be collected online with just a link. Whether you are an artist, a freelancer, a professional or a business owner, you can collect payments from your audience by sharing a payment link on Whatsapp, SMS etc. All this with no new app to install or registration / login!

Feedback & Surveys

Your business right now is trying to provide the best experience of your products and services to your customers, and we know behind the extravagant scenes of these experiences lies a hard working team collecting relevant data day in and day out to help improve that experience for your customers.This process though crucial can get…

Payment Solutions

An invoicing solution that literally transforms the payment process into something simple and effortless! Any supplier, any amount, big or small, payments can now be collected online with just link.